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Like many people, I have trouble keeping up with blogging. In fact this will be my third time romanticizing the concept, creating a blog and trying to fill it with content. This time will be different! I promise! :-O

The issue was audience. Or rather the expectation of an audience. A random fellow may land here while Googling for “can I contract rabies from a unicorn?” and find my useless ramblings, funny things or terrible opinions.  How annoying would that be? Or worst, something disagreeable. The thought gives me a lot of angst. While, if I don’t publish opinion, I should attempt to publish technically useful information among the experts across the web. The thought of producing something wrong or bad causes a lot of angst for me too.

So what has changed? Maybe I’ve grown up to the point where I don’t care :). But mostly I’ve found it necessary for selfish reasons. I find too many interesting things, and can’t keep track of them any longer. I also ponder annoyingly complicated ideas that need written down just so I can move on to more productive things. So while the expectation of an audience is useful for therapeutic reasons, I really don’t think anyone would read these ramblings.

Why a blog? Today we have 140-characters directed toward our ‘followers’ and that should be good enough for anyone, right? Or platforms  that allow us to target exactly whom with what. Even if it is ourselves. The problem with these platforms, is it is difficult to pull together ideas that need to evolve across posts. They are mostly concerned with ‘now’ with an audience and most of the time ‘now’ is neither publishable nor viable for archival for personal purposes. ’Namespacing’ ideas into neat little packages is something that most developers are familiar with and blogs still win for that.


Speaking of packaging, what will be the scope of this blog? Everything. Technology, food, economics, education, animals, anything that comes to mind. Why put a limit if the intention is to untangle thoughts and archive interesting stuff?


Cataloging every idea and interesting things needs to happen in an organized way that doesn’t impede on writing. I suppose that’s what tags are for, but I think I will go with a more direct approach of putting boring namespace titles so they’re easy to find later. I’ll also utilize categories. I may try to organize them in a more visually interesting way, maybe with an icon or special background colors.

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